We Don’t Talk About Bruno

I showered not talking about Bruno this morning. When I pulled into daycare for drop off, I wasn’t talking about Bruno. Grabbing coffee in between Zoom calls when I thought I was the only one in the kitchen at my office, I wasn’t talking about Bruno. And during bath time with the kid tonight, nope, not talking about Bruno.

I was sure as shit singing about Bruno though.

If my Disney+ account had a leaderboard, Encanto just eagled the 11th to take a commanding lead going into the meat of the back nine. I don’t see anything catching up this round. That’s one reason I haven’t been talking about Bruno lately.

But real talk, why does it feel like the whole world isn’t talking about Bruno?

Reason One: This Guy

Not the character. The actor.

It might seem like everything this guy touches turns to gold, but that’s only because everything the guy touches turns to gold. Yes, I know it’s not quite that easy, and Lin-Manuel Miranda busted his backside for a long time before taking over the world with Hamilton. But since then, the man’s been on a heater like we haven’t seen in quite some time.

While working on Hamilton, Miranda was moonlighting on the latest Star Wars trilogy with Disney. Then, he pumped out bangers for Moana, so I guess it only makes sense that he’d be the biggest reason we don’t talk about Bruno.

Lin-Manuel said so.

Reason Two: Tale as Old as Time

At the heart of Bruno’s character, power, and struggle is one of the oldest philosophical debates of all time: fate vs free-will. Bruno could see the future, but did that really mean it was sealed? Is that possible? Or was Bruno seeing possibilities, and we have to own our actions? Either way, we don’t talk about Bruno, because it might force us to talk about who really is in charge of this crazy ride.

Reason Three: Four Chord Song

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is one of those songs that builds like three or four different mini-songs within, and then BAM BAM BAM layers them on each other to a crescendo. But underneath the complexity of it all is a simple formula. This isn’t saying any idiot can write a song following the four chord theory; just like not every person who tosses ingredients in the oven can be a chef. But when I started singing a slower version of a-ha’s “Take On Me” mid-Bruno, I paused. That beautiful genius Miranda used one of the simplest formats to create a masterpiece. See below (you’re welcome).



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