Wave — Do it for the kids

Is it an emergency? IDK, but the future of humanity might depend on it.

In the late 90’s George Carlin released a CD titled “You are all Diseased”. In his observations of culture, Carlin does a bit he introduces by saying he’s going to talk about “a series of things that are pissing me off.” His explanation for how something arrives on the list, “I don’t have pet peeves, I have major psychotic fucking hatreds”.

The older I get, the more I identify with that.

People who don’t wave when you let them out in traffic fall somewhere between a peeve and a hatred. I don’t wish ill-will on anyone who doesn’t wave after being let out into traffic on a busy street, but it tells me a lot about them. Couple that with the vehicle they’re in and you have a pretty solid foundation for an FBI profile.

Even if you don’t think someone will see the wave, give a little gesture of appreciation when someone lets you out into traffic. It brings balance to the universe. All over the world, kind gestures on the roadways go under-appreciated. And this lack of reciprocal energy from the positive action on one party tosses our karmic universe into a tailspin.

I’d go so far as to say this unaddressed issue of waving is the second most-important issue not being talked about today.

Seriously, barring physical ailments that would prevent one from lifting their arm in a tiny wave (in which case, should you really be driving?), there’s no excuse.

More waves equals more positive vibes pushed out into the ether. It’s science. And until we get back to a civilized world where drivers wave to one another, I just don’t know how much hope there is for the future. And that’s sad, because I have a four-month old daughter, and she should grow up in a world where drivers wave to one another.

So there, don’t do it for me. Wave to your fellow humans in transit for the children.

Do it for the children.

I write things. Some of them funny. Some of them smart. Some of them nonsense, but they all come from me.

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