The Smallest Violin is Playing for Charley Hoffman

Time for some tough love Charley. Your little tirade was embarrassing.

Thing One: This is all your fault

Due respect Mr. Hoffman (I say “Mr”, for I really am a Charley fan), but you hit the ball in the water. My mom would say, “don’t hit it in the water, you won’t burn strokes.” You know that, but you seem upset at a lot of other people for one of your errant shots. A rule change didn’t cause this. The person painting the penalty area didn’t cause this. The Tour didn’t cause this. They’re cast members in your drama, but you sir are the writer, director and producer. Keep that in mind while you portray yourself as a victim in this.

Thing Two: Back off the Amateurs

You don’t own golf. And in fact, your “status” as a Tour professional is a massively privileged position in our game (OUR game Charley). You’ve earned that place. You dedicated your life to this sport. You grind your ass off for millimeters of change, you have legions of fans, and you’re really, really good (36th on the all-time money list at $32+ million and earned every cent). You got a bad break. Refs miss calls. Balls take weird bounces. Shit happens. It’s beyond comprehension that we don’t get free drops from fairway divots. Why be penalized for hitting a good shot right? But you just have to eat it sometimes. Them’s the breaks.

Still, to sling the word “amateurs” out there as if we’re lesser than is kinda gross and off-brand for you. The hundreds of thousands of dedicated volunteers, fans, caddies, gear manufacturers, tournament directors, vendors, and lowly armchair bloggers are “amateurs” in this game. But this game was built as an amateur sport for enjoyment. Perspective please. And if you want more “pros” in those roles, deal with it like a pro. Handle your business in-house.

Thing Three: Watch your words

I’m curious who you need protecting from? The Tour needs to “protect” you? Charley, you hit it in a hazard and then got a bad break. You’re mad at the Tour for a questionable penalty area? Fair, deal with it in the proper way. To say you need “protection” is hyperbole, and you sound like a prima donna.

Endangered species need protection. The environment needs protection. Children in abusive homes need protection. You have a workplace complaint. Let’s not exaggerate.

Lastly, your “apology” was a joke. I don’t think you owe anyone anything, even after posting your rant. But you took a swing at one. And it was a hard shank. At no moment do you sound contrite. If you want to make apologies, go for it. But you sound like the guy who lost his cool at the party and then said, “sorry that you all made me yell. I hope we all grow from this”. How about, “Apologies for losing my cool. I’ve taken my concerns to the proper channels within the Tour, and I hope some positive changes come from this.” Instead, you did that thing, “we can all be better,” which is true. But in this case, you’re the only one who screwed up.

Charley’s actual apology

And what change do you want as a result of this. You said pretty publicly to the Commissioner that “Hopefully there will be change soon.” What change are you seeking? You gotta remember, we’re not all Tour pros, so you might have to dumb it down for us. What’s the ongoing issue? Just curious how you’d like to change OUR game.

Charley, you got unlucky. It sucks. But next time, handle your business in private instead of taking to social media like that and pointing fingers after hitting it in the water.

You look like an amateur.



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