The food court is a terrible place to take a date

It could be worse, I could be this guy.

Who brings a date to the food court anymore? Is he trying to impress her with Sbarro and a few rounds at the arcade?

I mean, I’m in the food court, but I have an excuse. I’m a middle-aged father of three out doing last minute Christmas shopping, but judging from how this guy is behaving, he needs to scale it back before her look of disinterest turns into an empty chair.

Maybe she did the right thing agreeing to meet at a mall. Public space. Lots of cameras. And you can always just have a friend tailing your date in case you need an emergency out. Good thinking young lady.

The tag though. Junior left the tag hanging out of the jacket he obviously just bought and plans to return later. This move I can’t necessarily disagree with. I have a hard time justifying spending money on clothes, so bravo to you for playing the long game financially. But he still needs to tuck that shit in. He looks cheap, lazy and/or negligent.

WHOA! That lady just yanked the tag off his shirt. And then she kissed him on the forehead. She kissed both of them on the forehead, and she snagged a pepperoni off his pizza. She seems to know this couple, and they don’t seem to be a couple anymore.

Okay so I jumped the gun with the young lad. The girl’s his sister; the tag-snatching lady is obviously mom, and it looks like they’re home for the holidays from college getting some shopping in.

Still, the food court would make a terrible place for a first date.

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