#TBT to William Wallace

I’m the subject of an upcoming magazine article (humble brag), and I realized I haven’t submitted old photos to accompany the piece. That’s when Throwback Thursday came into my brain. Had I not been a social media recluse for so long, I’d have a bank of pics to share. But since I never really dove into #TBT, I’ll be scanning old Kodaks.

Coupled with the crazy shit going on in Ukraine, I started to think about what other things might have happened today throughout history. I’m already a Wiki-junkie, so I just pulled up February 24 and started scrolling.

These three entries jumped out at me.

Happy Birthday Captain Johnson

If he wasn’t a golfer, he’d be a stunt double for Joaquin Phoenix or a banker. But he is a golfer. He’s a damn good golfer, he’s going to be the next US Ryder Cup Captain for the 2023 matches at the Marco Simone Course in Italy. Honestly, I think we might roll the Europeans again. ANYWAY, it’s Zach Johnson’s birthday. Happy Birthday Cap.

Marbury v. Madison

Again thinking about what’s going on in eastern Europe right now, I’m grateful for the sturdy legal system we have in our country. I didn’t say perfect, but it’s doing pretty good. An integral part of our government as a whole is the idea of judicial review. Basically, this case is the reason we allow courts in our country to say whether or not certain laws passed by our various legislative bodies are Constitutional or not. It’s arguably the most important legal case in our country’s history, and on this day in 1803, it was decided.

Battle of Roslin

This was just a battle from the First War of Scottish Independence. I don’t believe it had any great significance, but it caught my eye, for I’m a huge Braveheart fan like every other dude my age. It sounded like it was from that era, so I clicked. Turns out, William Wallace wasn’t part of this battle, but he was part of the command structure of this war until 1305 (if you don’t know what happened to him, watch the movie. I’m sure it’s accurate). That’s close enough for my fandom.

It’s a big world, and we’ve been here a pretty long time (not compared to time overall, but that’s a whole other discussion). I think I’ll revisit this next Thursday.



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