LIV Golf Boston — Day 1

The International Didn’t Disappoint

Through most of 2022, I’ve been chirping the mantra: curiosity, empathy, and respect. Using those words as a compass while chasing new opportunities produces wonderful results.

For the uninitiated, I’m a golf nerd. It’s grown into a podcasting passion called Divots & Pivots. Thanks to our friendly friends at BellyUp Sports and LIV Golf, D&P was on-site for Day 1 of LIV Boston.

After yesterday’s ride, I’ll be dining out on the LIV Boston experience for a hot minute: met my hero, reunited with an old camp connection, and received a lot of great interaction from the players, caddies, and fans.

Come back for a fuller tournament recap Sunday, and look for some deeper dives into shoes, volunteers, and other Pivots from LIV Boston soon.

First reactions (in the sober light of day) below:

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Bud Copeland

Bud Copeland

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