Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got Her!

Future Inmate: CR207260

After a protracted guerrilla war in the east region of the compound, the subject succumbed to parental influence and decided to sleep.

Personally, I think the pressure got to her after our piece in the press yesterday. Her people caught wind that we’d outed her barbaric attacks on our slumber. Public sentiment shifts, and you know how these things go.

We certainly didn’t want to go the route of public shaming, but the subject left us no choice. Desperate times call for internet blasting. Perhaps she’ll think twice before pulling out her big guns next time.

Yep, that’s probably what did the trick. Simple, superior strategy won the day.

That, or she was getting too big for her bassinet, we tried her out in the pack n play, and it worked like a charm.

Not counting out the latter, but I’m pretty sure it was the former.

I write things. Some of them funny. Some of them smart. Some of them nonsense, but they all come from me.

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