Is that the face of a terrorist?

Look at that face.

I knew I was getting off too easy a few weeks back when she slept 6 hours four nights in a row. I just knew it was a little too perfect. That’s done for a bit thanks to…

The unholy trinity of terror. None of which we can do anything about. Each member of the trinity like a hurricane or blizzard or tidal wave, it’s coming and you can just hold on and ride it out.

First, she’s teething. That’s fun for everyone. More drool everywhere; “talking” increased by a factor of five (and she’s my kid so that’s like a factor of ten on talking levels of normal people); and if not feeling entertained, little duck remembers she’s teething and starts screaming.

Rolling over was cute, REALLY cute the first time. It was cute the first day or so. Then it started happening at night. Now it happens every night, and the poor girl doesn’t know how to roll and settle yet before screaming bloody murder and scaring the dog.

Watching your kid sleep isn’t creepy, but it feels creepy sometimes when you forget how long you’ve been looking or you realize you’ve fallen asleep and woke back up in the exact staring position. Then confusion sets in, “was she laying like that before? Did I just fall asleep? Why am I holding a waffle?” But through these trials, we’ve learned she’s dreaming now. At least we think she’s dreaming. It has all the hallmark twitching and blabbing and randomly waking up but loudly continuing whatever conversation was just happening in your head.

The positive? She’s reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllly cute. And she’s chill and giggly and super curious.

And like my mom and sister always tell me, these things end.

So I guess I’m coming out ahead on this.

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