I don’t feel like writing today

I don’t think this went in

I don’t have it in me today to write. I’ve been up since four, because that’s the only time of peace and quiet in a house with two working adults and a toddler. At least three times today, I have been inspired to pen a quick 500–700 word essay on this or that. But life intervened once too many and now I’m sitting on the floor because it was closer than the couch.

First idea was for basketball content. Similar to how long-drive competitions have become more mainstream thanks to social media exposure and some other factors, I landed on an idea for a summer 3-point shootout league. After the NBA finals, production teams travel America and setup at playgrounds, gyms, high schools and maybe some celebrity home courts (doesn’t Mark Wahlberg have a bball court in his backyard). Go against the clock or head to head or both. Cull a list of competitors down to 32 who go live in a huge house (think MTV Challenge) and slowly work through the bracket and crown a three-point champion who wins 300,000 dollars or something and a trifecta of cool shit.

I’d watch that. And it’s the closest thing to long-drive that has that user appeal. You don’t have to be the greatest golfer (or even a great golfer) to hone a long-drive swing. In basketball, you don’t have to be the best passer or have the best handles to cultivate a repeatable shot. In theory, you could have someone who becomes an assassin in my new fictional league that doesn’t know the difference between a layup and a bounce pass.

Like I said, I don’t have it in me to write today. So I’ll just leave that half-formulated idea for a pure money-maker of a league up there and go to bed.

Maybe it’ll make more sense in the morning.



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Bud Copeland

Bud Copeland

I know what I know, and I know what I don’t. I think.