Finally a Friday that Didn’t Suck

Been on a good run of bad luck lately

Bud Copeland
2 min readFeb 12, 2022


I’m a naturally optimistic person. For the last twenty years, I’ve maintained a mindset that defaults to having a phenomenal day, and things that suck are just speedbumps. It helps when leveling out after a shitty afternoon.

Recently though, Fridays have been giving me the business; and not in a good way.

Here are three things that have torpedoed my Fridays so far in 2022:

Thing One: Dead Cat

Nothing says “good morning” like a dead animal. Honestly, it messed me up that entire day. It was sad but not totally unexpected. Ole girl was like 17. I’m one of those people who is “not a cat person”, but Bailey was my cat. Actually, she was my wife’s before we even got together; a gift from her ex-boyfriend’s mom shortly before they parted ways. Thanks Jennifer. At first, my roommate told me if Bailey didn’t take to me, she wasn’t sure our relationship would work. But Bails and I hit it off, and she had a great run. RIP bestie.

Thing Two: Snow Day

It’s romantic sounding right? Snow’s pretty. It’s fun. You get to bundle up and drink hot chocolate and go sledding and shit. Sure, that happens if the wind’s not blowing 50 mph and you can actually see more than twenty feet away. Couple a blizzard with a daycare closure, and all we have is a cooped up toddler watching snow fall that she can’t play with. Encanto just took over the top spot in our Disney+ rotation. It reminds me of Miami Sound Machine.

Thing Three: Stomach Bug

This house has had Covid, been vaxxed, etc. What happened to sabotage last Friday was pure evil in the form of a good, old-fashioned stomach bug. You see, toddlers are disgusting. And daycare, while wonderful and necessary and pays magnificent dividends for the child’s development, is still a cesspool of germs. The only silver lining was the staggered attack this stomach bug took on the house. The toddler got sick starting Wednesday night into Thursday late morning. No sleep for Brooklyn or anyone that night. Late Thursday night/early Friday morning, direct hit to papa. That lasted until Friday evening at which point, the evil jumped from dad to mom.

Quick aside, my wife is the toughest human alive, and this daycare, digestive, devil bug ko’d her harder than Covid.

Last Sunday evening, the roommate, toddler and I were all back to feeling human. The little one went back to daycare this week, and the adults worked. No one got sick. No one got sent home, and we’re all going to bed happy and healthy on a Friday night.

This is it. 2022 is finally turning.



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