DJ Tiny Dictator

Not actually “DJ Tiny Dictator”

We’ve got a nice agreement working between me and the tiny dictator. She doesn’t scream. I give her what she wants. We’re all happy. Works phenomenally well for now. I have a feelings demands might change over time.

Now, it’s simply things like the radio on our way to daycare. One morning, presumably after she realized it was my phone playing Disney songs during tubby time, she started repeating “Moana” at increasing speed and volume. I realized she wanted her music and not dad’s drivel, so I found the Moana soundtrack on Spotify.

The drive to daycare is all of 15-minutes. That’s like 3 to 4 songs depending on traffic, the songs, and whether I hit repeat to belt out the chorus to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” one more time. It’s a small investment for peace.

That said, “Bruno” isn’t the only hidden gem in my daughter’s slow takeover of the music. These three songs are sneaky good and deserve a listen with or without children present:

A Hurricane of What?

I had to look it up. There’s a line in this song (I don’t know if you’d call it a “hook”, I’m not a musician), but it’s catchy af and the exotic plant referenced rolls off the tongue, jacaranda. When I learned what they were, the whole scene made more sense.

I never Panic, but this cover has me reconsidering.

When someone asks me about “panic” and music, I assume Widespread Panic. They’re an Athens band. I went to UGA. Ipso facto, I’m your boss. I used to find his voice too whiny, but this song reframed it. Now I might have to give the rest of their catalog a spin.

Weezer goes full Kristoff

Rivers Cuomo looks like he’s related to Rick Moranis. Please watch this video and tell me this couldn’t be an audition tape from back in the 80’s, which is perfectly on-brand since this is a standard issue 80’s rock ballad.

They shuffle periodically. But for now, these three gems anchor the peace every morning on the short commute to freedom/daycare.



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Bud Copeland

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