Divots & Pivots

Our story begins where all great relationships start, the internet.

Months ago, sitting in a quiet, dark conference room while the cold New England weather battered the windows and my soul, I pulled out my phone and began to scroll.

It was the end of January, the PLAYERS was too far away let alone the Masters, and I needed some golf talk. My roommate stopped listening to anything I said once we had a kid, so I’m thinking she tuned out anything golf related well before that.

Then I saw someone on Twitter looking for a person who likes to talk about golf. I mean, that was the whole thing, “anyone looking to hop on a golf podcast with me?”

Best line from any western. Argue in the comments section if needs be.

Andrew is his name, and we’ve been together for 22 episodes now. It’s getting kinda serious, but we haven’t started picking out place settings or anything yet. I’ll move on now, don’t want to jinx it.

We roll out a new episode every Wednesday at 10AM live on TikiLive, YouTube, and Twitter. The podcast follows in the afternoon everywhere you find podcasts.

Divots & Pivots is a show dedicated to finding the fun in DFS while still taking it seriously. We balance fantasy and reality along with golf and life. It’s an escape during your workday or a friendly conversation for your commute, walk or workout.

So there it is. Every week. Stories and conversations about, around, and because of golf.



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Bud Copeland

Bud Copeland

I know what I know, and I know what I don’t. I think.